We’re in the throes of fall and well into the school year. Nothing has slowed down on our end, and if anything, we’re gearing up for more events through the holidays.

We’ve partnered with COPE Services to begin Teen Haven, a teen mental health support group that meets here every Thursday at 3 PM. And every other Wednesday evening at 6 PM, students are invited to stop by for our peer listening group. It was started by teens for teens, and is a time to breathe from
the crazy pace of life and listen to one another’s stories.

There have been numerous events, from Harvest Fest to welcoming the group King Treehugger for a TSU Java Jams concert, and most recently, the nonstop community activity of Cedarburg’s Pumpkin Walk. It was a great way to get to know the community even better, and we’re looking forward to more opportunities like this.