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TSU is a non-profit initiative of Alliance Bible Church.  The dream began with a tutoring service we call Acacia Educational Support.   Acacia is now entering its 9th year having served over 200 students from seven school districts in Southeast Wisconsin and home and private schools.


With the growing need and demand, Acacia led to the idea for The Student Union ... a place where young people can experience community. The Student Union, in the heart of historic Cedarburg,  is now home to Acacia, with convenient hours and location and a great reputation with students, parents and school administrators. As a free service, Acacia continues to be a popular school and community support program. In addition to Acacia,  Job Hub teaches students how to apply for jobs and we have plans for other fun and educational activities.


We are using TSU to support youth arts and we plan to provide opportunities for community service and world outreach as well as continue to offer fun and educational events.  Because of our success and growing reputation, we face the challenge of raising the funds needed to pay the staff required to run The Student Union and expand our services.


Currently we are looking to raise $200,000 annually for rent, staff salaries, and the effective operation of TSU.  Join us in having a positive influence on young lives by supporting this initiative with your financial gift.  Just click on the donate button below. Your gift will make a big difference! Thank you for supporting TSU!


Please note that TSU is a non-profit initiative of Alliance Bible Church. Your tax deductible receipt will include "Alliance Bible Church" in the description, however, 100% of the funds received will go towards

The Student Union.

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