“How are you doing?”

It’s the question we all are asking and being asked these days.

How do you respond? “I’m good.” “Busy but good.” “Going crazy not being able to go anywhere.”

Are you really these answers, though? Pay attention to how you’re feeling, and it’s OK to admit that you’re disappointed that you’re missing your graduation and don’t get to see your friends. It’s OK that you’re unsure of what the future will bring, when there will be an end to social distancing and life can get back to a somewhat regular routine again. It’s OK to say you’re lonely.

There’s so much going on with so many unknowns and fears, but we want you to know that we at The Student Union are here for you. We want to offer space that when you’re asked, “How are you doing?” you can give an honest answer.

Send us a message through Instagram or Facebook, comment on this post, or email sarah@thestudentu.org and let us know how you’re doing and what you need. We are all in this together and no one should feel alone.

Be full of hope- there is a silver lining in the sky if you’ll look through the rain.